Eyebrow Game Strong By. Colleen Dilger…

What is the newest accessory that everyone seems to be hyping about? Have you noticed how everyone seems to obsessing over this new fade called the eyebrow game? I have fallen victim to this new fade and as a result, my eyebrows have become an unhealthy obsession for me.


If you would have asked me about two years ago what was one makeup product i would not be about to leave the house without the answer would have been mascara, however in senior year I discovered eyebrow powder and the magic it did to my face. Instantly I started to receive comments on “whatever I was doing, it looks really nice”, so naturally this made me feel good, and caused me to want to get even better. I’ve had some rough times where I would by a product the didn’t rely match my hair and my eyebrows would end up far to dark for my face. Ive also made the mistake of buying a eyebrow gel that looked fantastic on my face when I was indoors, however once I stepped into any form of sunlight they instantly gave me red eyebrows, which clearly didn’t match my brown hair.


Theres defiantly a technique to filling in your eyebrows correctly and to have them shaped, at first I would just kinda do whatever to my face and hope for the best, but once I discovered that that wasn’t getting me anywhere, i decided to turn to the internet and learn all I could from beauty bloggers that have already master this skill that I was clearly lacking. My main instructor for my brows was Nicole Guerriero, as I’ve mentioned her before, she runs a beauty channel on youtube and dose lots of tutorials. Through her Ive learned which brands work better than others and how to fill them in to look more natural.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 9.09.31 PM

For people just starting out I recommend that you stay clear from eyebrow pencils, since you can easily get carried away and end up looking like a cartoon character with drawn on eyebrows. Your best best for beginners would have to be a powder, it gives you a soft finish that if done in small and short stroke will look natural and flawless. I (and advanced eyebrower) use a dip brow pomade from Anastasia, with an angled brush. I first dip my brush into the pot and then swipe the brush across the lid to get off any access makeup so that way it doesn’t go on to heavy. The I will outline my button brow, then I will outline my arch and follow that into creating a gentle tail. After the general idea of my eyebrow is lined I will then fill the rest in, and finishing with running a spolly brush over my brows to make sure they all natural blend together.


Your first try isn’t going to be perfect but by looking into blogs and watching tutorials you may be able to master the art of the eyebrow game, and become the envy of everyone around.


Twitter By. Colleen Dilger…

Live tweeting effected my reading, in my opinion, in a positive way. While I was reading articles I would look at the readings in a different light, often I would have taken the readings and just read it to get it over with, however knowing that I had the ability to live tweet it, I would look at the article to try to find things that might be interesting or whenever I read something that I either found extremely intriguing or something that I didn’t necessarily agree with I would post a tweet that involved the reading with my idea. When I was reading Atwood in the Twittersphere, I live tweeted a quote that was in the text, which I found to be extremely accurate, not only in todays age but also of many of the people that I follow on social media.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 8.31.11 PM

To ‘strengthen’ my tweet I embedded the website that I used so that others that might see my tweet could click on the link and read about it themselves and then they could take their opinion and tweet back at me. Sadly no one did though. I think that this activity made the readings more interesting for me because now it felt like I was reading for a purpose.

Twitter is a good way to try to get into communication with professionals and celebrities, that you may not other wise have the chance to get into contact with. Since I am an early childhood education major, I thought that it would be interesting to get into contact with someone well known in the field. I first tweeted at LiteracyCounts, which is a twitter page that mostly just tweets about children’s literature and literacy activities for the classroom.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 8.30.42 PM

I tweeted at them with a question that I thought might get their attention and have them tweet back to me, however I was sadly mistaken and received no attention on my tweet. I figured, perhaps I didn’t receive any attention from them because they weren’t really a single persons twitter, but instead it was like a group that ran a twitter page, so having this in mind, I changed my audience and switched over to Eliza Byard (EByard). Byard is an executive director that preaches safe schools, and equality in the classroom. I looked into her tweets and noticed that all her tweets mention safe school techniques, so I figure since that was clearly what her passion was that if I tweeted at her saying “what are someways you recommend that teachers can prevent bullying in the classroom?” it would spark her interest and she would reply back to me with her strong opinions. I once again was wrong. Byard follows 807 people, most of which seem to be teachers and people that preach about LGBT rights. She also has 3,365 people that follow her. Byard has 6,463 tweets and has had an account since March 2009.From reading her tweets I can feel that she is a passionate advocate for safe classrooms. I think that interacting with her could give me beneficial ideas that could have helped me when I do get a classroom of my own, however I suppose that someone with that many followers would probably have a lot of people tweeting at them.

Pecha Kucha: Reflections By. Colleen Dilger…

Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham invented a presentation format as a solution to two extreme problems they noticed occurred during presentations. People often talked to much as well as people seem to be using powerpoint in a way that was horribly boring and lost the interest of many. So what Klein and Dytham did to try to resolve this issue, create the Pecha Kucha which puts constrictions onto these presentations. For our class we had to get together and create our own Pecha Kucha, regarding the web and related it to our blog. This is my reflections on our activities.

A Walk Through A Slide:
For my first slide, I was unsure of what I wanted to put. I had to make sure that, that slide would be a good transition from my group members Madeleine ideas for our Pecha Kucha to mine. Madeleine talked about the business of beauty blogging, while I discussed beauty bloggers that made a career of it. Considering this I first decided what I wanted to say, which was that I wanted to introduce the people I would talk about generically, then mention that they all share the common factor of creating, selling and advertising their own creations. After I decided the idea I wanted to mention, I thought about what image would make a good point to go along with my thoughts. I came to the conclusion that taking a screenshot of one of the beauty bloggers homepage would put a better image of what I was trying to perceive.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.16.20 PM

Since we had to add a piece of outside information to our Pecha Kucha, I figured that it might be beneficial to include one of the beauty bloggers actual blog link, where I received information about her and her career. I did this for both my slide on Cara Brook as well as for Nicole Guerriero, even though you can defiantly just google there names and all their web-links will be available to you. I saw this slide to be not a main part of the presentation alone, put when combined with all the other slide to be crucial in trying to achieve the ideas that the web has changed the way print has become. My slides showed how because of the web, these women were able to get themselves out there and promote themselves in ways that may not have been possible if they had not had the internet as an assessable tool to them. I don’t really wanna sound like a copout but I honestly don’t think that I would have changed anything about any of my slides. I think that they all had the information need to strengthen our ideas and pull or presentation together in a respectable way.

What I Learned About My Blog Topic:
I have learned that running a beauty blog isn’t easy. I would like to tell you that I thought of clever things to post that were interesting and new, however that simply isn’t so. I give much more create to the famous bloggers that have tons of fans and an unimaginable amount of pressure to post blogs weekly, sometimes even daily.


I suppose you could say that I studied this topic in the past, considering that I have always been very interested in beauty bloggers and usually keep up with their post religiously. I even took some of the bloggers that I have been interested in for years and related them to the topics we learned in class. By doing this it made the course more interesting because it related better to me, and made the information feel more relevant to myself. Having that interest defiantly made running this blog easier for me. I imagine that if I had to blog about building a house it would be much harder considering that I have never built a house, know nothing of building one, as well as simply do not really care about anything related to house building. Bolter talked about writing spaces and how they have changed. He mentioned how print is becoming dominantly online, and that is proved through our blog. Some people are trying to fight the transition of good old paper and ink to the compact and hardware drive of technology. However considering how newspapers are less popular, but news websites are always up to date and available, and books are getting harder to find unless you log onto amazon and order a copy for your kindle that will download instantly, within the comfort of your own home, I think it’s going to be hard for people to fight the transition of print to web for much longer. Thanks to the web, anyone who has a laptop, cell phone, tablet, basically anything electronic, will be able to bring up a beauty blog, the latest news, emails, and even books within an instant, wherever they are. Print is changing and in my opinion, its for the better.

So often I’ll want to try something new for my makeup, but I won’t quiet know how to do the things that I desire, or I can’t think of an idea. Thankfully though there are sites like Youtube and Pinterest that have how to’s to simply guide you through.

Beauty gurus, get to make videos and blog post of new makeup looks and how to achieve the look and can get paid thanks to the views and subscribers that they get. Personally I am more then grateful for Youtuber’s like Zoella, Nicole Guerriero, and Tess Christine. Thanks to them I was able to watch makeup tutorials on looks to achieve with my Urban Decay Naked makeup palette. Often times I learn neat tips and tricks that I wouldn’t know other wise. When I first tried to get may hand at winged eye linger, it was often less to be desired, but after countless youtube searches and lots of time spent watching different techniques of achieving the perfect wing, I am finally able to do the same with little effort.

Internet is changing the way may things are being done. Learning tricks and tips used to not be so easily assessable. I for one am grateful that I can learn things in the comfort of my own home, and able to try along with the videos, or simply look up things that I might be too shy or embarrassed to ask someone else about.

Lasting the Week… By Colleen Dilger

Have you ever stopped to realize how many times a day you may reach for your phone or laptop to go onto social media? This past week I did my best to give up on being so religiously attached to Tumblr. At first I dint really think that this was going to be a hard task to follow through on. Believe it or not, I failed on my first day. Now for me I use Tumblr as a time passer as well as a relaxer, so when I was stuck in the doctors waiting  for about an hour you can imagine how desperate I was to make time pass. I first started off my going on other social media apps.I started with checking my Instagram, however when you check your Instagram as much as me, theres usually very little new photos posted, so that took up a solid five minutes of my time. Then I moved onto Facebook, the classic standby, but for some reason my Facebook feed is either filled with post of videos (of which I believe would have been extremely rude to watch while sitting in a quite room filled with other impatient waiting people) or post that seem to have no necessary meaning or value. I quickly gave up on that, lastly I moved to twitter, however I’ve never really jumped on the twitter bandwagon so I was just kinda scrolling through with no real purpose. After sometime I just got annoyed and figured that it wouldn’t mind if I just go on Tumblr today. I’ll start tomorrow when I don’t have to spend my time just waiting around. So later that night before I fall asleep I grabbed my phone and did my usual Tumblr session that I always do before I fall asleep, I mean I already cheated today so why not. Day two was equally as challenging, honestly being an eye opener for me. I guess I never really thought about how often I seem to go, I realized that Ill go on after I get ready in the morning and am waiting to start my day, I’ll go on during class and I feel bored and need something to keep me going, Ill go on again when I waiting in the car to pick someone up, even when Im hanging out with my friends and the conversation seems to dull for a minute I’ll grab my phone on make a quick check, then Ill end my night strong by again going on. Why has Tumblr become such a huge aspect of my everyday life? What if the site actually got deleted one day, would I be able to cope or would I have to find a new addiction to waste my time? I’ve noticed that in this week as an attempted to not check Tumblr, I would find myself doodling in class when I felt bored, and I would bring up conversation starts with my friends when the chitchat slowed, at night instead of wasting the hour or so I would scrolling through my feed, I simply feel asleep. Now I would like to say that I was able to stay unplugged from Tumblr for the rest of the week, but sadly I think that I had a moment of weakness probably at leave for 30 minutes everyday. Im not proud of it, but I can admit it. Living without Tumblr was challenging to me, and at some points frustrating. I see the addiction that I have, as well as the addiction that is formed in many people around me. I place you with a challenging. I dare you to realize which social media is for favorite, whether it be Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, maybe even Tumblr and give it up for a week, like give it an honest try. I want you to realize just how plugged in you are and take a step back to see how its effecting you.

Atwood by Colleen Dilger…

What is the twitterspear? Am I being left out because I don’t  actively contribute to this world. Atwood explained how she discovered Twitter through the pressure of attaching a feed onto the webpage she was making. She like most I presume was reluctant and unknowing to this odd and corky social media, however after sometime of making her Twitter she began to rack in the followers, many of which who were resilient in the fact that Margaret Atwood make a Twitter. Some made comment towards her that they “love  when old ladies blog.” Now that Atwood has gotten the gist of this new world she can fully appreciate all that it has to offer. As well as not offer.

“Which is typical of ‘social media’: you’re always saying things you shouldn’t have said.” How often have you logged onto Twitter or Facebook or basically any form of social media and been at aw at what someone has said. Often times sharing to much of their personal life, or making comments that are placed in the grey zone. Atwood realizes that with so many people able to post on these social medias it can be expected that sometimes things will be said that should have been better left behind.

I myself have a family friend on Facebook, and more often then not I will log onto my account and my wall is typically filled with her ranting about her last experience at the grocery story or some medical issues that she’s been having with her foot. Usually her status are things that can be better left unread. After a while Ive grown accustom to seeing her name on my feed and just skimming right past, I’d rather not know every living detail of her life, especially since I haven’t truly seen her in person since I was around the age of 10.

Margaret Atwood reminded me of my sweet grandmother, who was at first very reluctant to plug into any form of the internets. However after she was shown that she could virtually gamble without losing actual money, her world was open and she could not get enough. Now hovever when I go to visit her I am often bombarded with questions on why her game seems to be doing a certain thing or how can she get more. Atwood gave me the same impression, she seemed to be reluctant to join the Twitter world but once she did, she joined the wagon full force.

Bolter by Colleen Dilger

Writing has experienced many changes from its start. Print was once only available through handwritten work, which later was improved through the invention of the printing press making printed books “the most highly valued form of writing (Bolter, J.D.2001). Once again print is experiencing an extreme change. In Bolter’s “The Late Age of Print” he mentions how for both authors and readers books and journals are still regarded as “the place to locate our most prestigious text (Bolter, J.D.2001). However many are begging to think of the computer as the primary medium, and consider print as a secondary or “specialized” medium.

I related Bolter’s “The Late Age of Text” to today’s changing world in print by comparing having the computer as a primary form of print to the kindle and how novels and journals are easily assessable through that. In the more recent times now novel’s will sometimes skip being published to print and only be available through e-print on electronics, such as the kindle and iPads.

Having print being replaced by e-books many people feel unhappy towards the change. “As we look up from our computer keyboard to the books on our shelves we may be tempted to ask whether ‘this will destroy that’ (Bolter, J.D.2001). In a sense, yes technology will a way “destroy” physical print, but isn’t it in an attempt to keep up with the changing world with laptops and cell phones becoming sleek, slender bits that can easily be shifted away into our pockets and bags, who has the room to carry a bulky, outdated text? Along with this concept, we are also used to having everything at the touch of our fingertip, we can quickly email a colleague, snap a picture of a memory, or even google search a burning question you might have with little effort so why not have thousands of story’s quickly at our access.

Personally I enjoy holding a book and being able to watch my progress as I read through my story. I like having the physical books themselves and being able to hold them or collect them on my shelf. However on the other hand I like having a 300 page novel reduced to the slender bulkiness of a kindle, along with having the possibility to swap out books effortless without needing to carry my entire reading collection along with me. I understand the disappointment that is often accompanied with the transfer of print to being dominated on technology, nonetheless I also see the pleasure it can bring as well.