Theresa’s Thoughts on… Pecha Kucha

I bet I know what you’re thinking. What the heck is Pecha Kucha? Well, you can read all about Pecha Kucha here. Basically, however, Pecha Kucha is a presentation form in which there are twenty slides and twenty seconds of speech per slide. Keeps the topic interesting, don’t you think?

My group’s whole blog concept had been about fashion and technology, so going through with different aspects to cover had been fairly easy. Amanda covered The History of Blogging, Madeline covered The Business of Beauty Gurus, Colleen covered Beauty Blogging: The Career and what did that leave me? Well… My topic tied together with Madeline and Colleen’s with the beauty gurus. Let me guess, you’re asking me how aren’t you? Well, you see a beauty guru using a product you love, but you can’t afford it, right? Well my whole topic for the class had been beauty on a budget and I covered just that.

Let’s Take A Walk…

The first slide had been the hardest for me, in all actuality. I had to have a slide that transitioned well from Colleen’s topic into the whole “Beauty on a Budget” concept. So after thinking for a while, I thought, why not use a Beauty Blogger to kick it off. So my first image had been an ad of Michelle Phan and her cosmetics line, Em. However, I actually am going to be discussing my second and fourth slides more than my first.


The top image is a screen cap from popular YouTuber, Grav3yardgirl’s (Bunny Meyer) series First Impression Friday, in which she reviews new or popular make up products. The beauty of this series is that if the product doesn’t work, you don’t have to shell out the money to go get it. This slide had been the beginning of tying makeup and the internet together.My third slide was very similar, as it also featured Bunny, but in a different light, as it was from another popular series on her channel, Does This Thing Really Work? The reason I used Bunny as my subject was that, to me, she is real. She is not going to sugar coat if these products work because she gets endorsed by the companies.

The image below is a screen cap from a product comparison site called MatchMyMakeup, where you can go and find products very similar to a brand you love. This slide was the first to demonstrate the beauty that is the internet. My fifth slide was a screen cap from a price comparison website, which I thought was the perfect way to tie everything together, considering that this is where the world is heading. Online shopping with little to no human contact.

Is this going to be society in thirty some odd years whenever people have to actually do something face to face?

What Did I Learn?

One thing that I learned is that the internet is truly Costco of the Internet. You no longer have to really do anything yourself anymore. If you are iffy about buying a product, you just have to google a video of someone testing it and if doesn’t work as you think it will, that’s it. You don’t have to waste the money. But… This makes me wonder, how lazy will society become?


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