Theresa on — Tweeting with Editors… Kinda

I take back anything I have said about a different topic being difficult. Tweeting to my professional community was the hardest. First, I had to figure out who to tweet to, which I ended up choosing three editors from different publishing companies. Then I had to figure out what to ask them. I didn’t want to come across as stupid but… Who knows.

I tweeted… But alas, there was no response.

So… Let me explore this experiment, tweet-by-tweet.

My First Tweet:

Michelle Howry is an editor at Simon and Schuster, and I thought that this would be a good starting point, considering that most of my books are published by them. Now the question. What was I thinking?? Honestly, I worded it completely wrong. So hopefully, if Michelle saw it, I wouldn’t blame her for not responding due to the confusion that ensues.

What I had meant was if a certain genre was her forte more than others, much like many people prefer reading one genre to another genre. Oh boy, the pain is real. I had a conversation planned based on this Tweet, had she responded. My follow up question would have been if she edits more of Genre-X because it is her strong point. I definitely shot myself in the foot with this one.

My Second Tweet:

Lauren Spiegel is a Senior Editor at Touchstone books. Because she is senior editor, I was curious as to what she offered clients in terms of editing services. Does she work first on with the promotion of the book? Does she help develop the book? Does she work hands on with the copying editing and proofreading? While these may seem like minor questions, I was dying to know. There are editors who will shell out all and any services they can to get an author they really like on board. So is Lauren Spiegel more buddy buddy with her authors or is she more….

I guess I’ll never know…

My Third Tweet:

What the hell was I thinking with this tweet?! This question is the equivalent to going up to someone carrying a load of packages who is struggling and asking if they need help. Oh god, I suddenly feel like a complete and total idiot. Kind of like when you are in bed and pull the covers up only to hit yourself in the face and get a black eye from it. Yeah.

I want to say that this was my first question and I was just testing the waters out. I want to make up any and all excuses to cleanse myself of my stupidity. But… I can’t. Me typing this post is kicking the ass of the version of me that asked this question.

Honestly, I am not even going to expand on this tweet. I am full ashamed of myself.

However, I did learn one thing from this portion of the assignment. Since I was essentially talking to no one, I did my own research on the questions I asked and I realized that everything that falls under an editor’s job title makes me love the job even more than I already had and I know that I’m doing the right thing (for me) going into this field of work.


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