Where Copyright starts and Remixing Begins

The line between remix and copyright infringement is a very vague and blurry line. As a Youtuber myself I understand the struggle that comes with monetization of videos and all of the copyright rules. For someone like myself all of these rules that you need to follow can seem over whelming and stressful. Even searching Google for more straightforward answers to your copyright questions can be confusing because you get sixty different answers to the same question.

Like the video RiP! A Remix Manifesto music is one of the biggest and trickiest to understand in the copyright world. If I wanted to add Taylor Swifts new over-played hit song “Blank Space” to my video I can’t because, plain and simple, I don’t own the song. You may be asking yourself, “Well don’t they want their song advertised and played a million times?” the answer to your question is yes. However, the owners of this music also want to get paid for their, music and they want it to be represented in a positive light. To get around getting caught using copyrighted music people play only thirty seconds of the song in their videos, or they change the pitch ever so slightly so the system is unable to recognize the song. Eventually you will get caught, and you could get your whole YouTube account deleted or revoked. Even then you aren’t safe.

A famous Youtuber, Michelle Phan, was recently sued for about 7.5 million dollars for copyright infringement.

The kicker, she had previously gotten permission from the record label to use their artist music. So even with permission you aren’t safe to incorporate any others work and make it something new. I think if record labels want to truly enforce the copyright laws there needs to be set rules that are made clear cut to the public. For now we just hope that we don’t get sued for an observed amount of money.


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