Twitter By. Colleen Dilger…

Live tweeting effected my reading, in my opinion, in a positive way. While I was reading articles I would look at the readings in a different light, often I would have taken the readings and just read it to get it over with, however knowing that I had the ability to live tweet it, I would look at the article to try to find things that might be interesting or whenever I read something that I either found extremely intriguing or something that I didn’t necessarily agree with I would post a tweet that involved the reading with my idea. When I was reading Atwood in the Twittersphere, I live tweeted a quote that was in the text, which I found to be extremely accurate, not only in todays age but also of many of the people that I follow on social media.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 8.31.11 PM

To ‘strengthen’ my tweet I embedded the website that I used so that others that might see my tweet could click on the link and read about it themselves and then they could take their opinion and tweet back at me. Sadly no one did though. I think that this activity made the readings more interesting for me because now it felt like I was reading for a purpose.

Twitter is a good way to try to get into communication with professionals and celebrities, that you may not other wise have the chance to get into contact with. Since I am an early childhood education major, I thought that it would be interesting to get into contact with someone well known in the field. I first tweeted at LiteracyCounts, which is a twitter page that mostly just tweets about children’s literature and literacy activities for the classroom.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 8.30.42 PM

I tweeted at them with a question that I thought might get their attention and have them tweet back to me, however I was sadly mistaken and received no attention on my tweet. I figured, perhaps I didn’t receive any attention from them because they weren’t really a single persons twitter, but instead it was like a group that ran a twitter page, so having this in mind, I changed my audience and switched over to Eliza Byard (EByard). Byard is an executive director that preaches safe schools, and equality in the classroom. I looked into her tweets and noticed that all her tweets mention safe school techniques, so I figure since that was clearly what her passion was that if I tweeted at her saying “what are someways you recommend that teachers can prevent bullying in the classroom?” it would spark her interest and she would reply back to me with her strong opinions. I once again was wrong. Byard follows 807 people, most of which seem to be teachers and people that preach about LGBT rights. She also has 3,365 people that follow her. Byard has 6,463 tweets and has had an account since March 2009.From reading her tweets I can feel that she is a passionate advocate for safe classrooms. I think that interacting with her could give me beneficial ideas that could have helped me when I do get a classroom of my own, however I suppose that someone with that many followers would probably have a lot of people tweeting at them.


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