Eyebrow Game Strong By. Colleen Dilger…

What is the newest accessory that everyone seems to be hyping about? Have you noticed how everyone seems to obsessing over this new fade called the eyebrow game? I have fallen victim to this new fade and as a result, my eyebrows have become an unhealthy obsession for me.


If you would have asked me about two years ago what was one makeup product i would not be about to leave the house without the answer would have been mascara, however in senior year I discovered eyebrow powder and the magic it did to my face. Instantly I started to receive comments on “whatever I was doing, it looks really nice”, so naturally this made me feel good, and caused me to want to get even better. I’ve had some rough times where I would by a product the didn’t rely match my hair and my eyebrows would end up far to dark for my face. Ive also made the mistake of buying a eyebrow gel that looked fantastic on my face when I was indoors, however once I stepped into any form of sunlight they instantly gave me red eyebrows, which clearly didn’t match my brown hair.


Theres defiantly a technique to filling in your eyebrows correctly and to have them shaped, at first I would just kinda do whatever to my face and hope for the best, but once I discovered that that wasn’t getting me anywhere, i decided to turn to the internet and learn all I could from beauty bloggers that have already master this skill that I was clearly lacking. My main instructor for my brows was Nicole Guerriero, as I’ve mentioned her before, she runs a beauty channel on youtube and dose lots of tutorials. Through her Ive learned which brands work better than others and how to fill them in to look more natural.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 9.09.31 PM

For people just starting out I recommend that you stay clear from eyebrow pencils, since you can easily get carried away and end up looking like a cartoon character with drawn on eyebrows. Your best best for beginners would have to be a powder, it gives you a soft finish that if done in small and short stroke will look natural and flawless. I (and advanced eyebrower) use a dip brow pomade from Anastasia, with an angled brush. I first dip my brush into the pot and then swipe the brush across the lid to get off any access makeup so that way it doesn’t go on to heavy. The I will outline my button brow, then I will outline my arch and follow that into creating a gentle tail. After the general idea of my eyebrow is lined I will then fill the rest in, and finishing with running a spolly brush over my brows to make sure they all natural blend together.


Your first try isn’t going to be perfect but by looking into blogs and watching tutorials you may be able to master the art of the eyebrow game, and become the envy of everyone around.


One thought on “Eyebrow Game Strong By. Colleen Dilger…

  1. hernan54 says:

    Very Interesting blog. I agree how the idea of having your eyebrows on point is a big trend going on in today’s world of fashion. I personally have really thick long black eyebrows, like the first image in your blog and everyone is always thinking they are fake. I guess I got lucky with my eyebrows because everywhere I go I always get compliments on them and people always want to touch them to make sure they are not fake. I found this whole eyebrow on point trend to be so hilarious. People are so worried about how they look that they that forgot the real meaning of true beauty. That’s a shame.


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