Pecha Kucha: The Reflection

A Walk Through A Slide

I am going to walk you through the first of my five slides that I completed for the twenty-slide Pecha Kucha. For those of you who have never heard of a Pecha Kucha presentation click here for more information. Since our blog was founded on the idea of fashion and beauty on the Internet my group decided to feature a very popular and growing group on the Internet, beauty gurus. I personally have a very strong connection with this topic because I run a beauty channel on YouTube in my free time.


Above is the image used on the first on my five slides. It features some prominent Beauty Gurus, and my personal favorites. Of course there are many more famous beauty gurus out there, some I haven’t even seen yet, so it would be hard to fit them all on one slide. I decided I wanted to start my segment out with describing who beauty vloggers were. Instead of letting the viewer sit there and try to imagine what this mythical beauty guru looked like I just showed you their picture. I was specifically looking for images of them with their camera in the shot. You can see them wearing pajama pants (because the camera doesn’t capture the lower half), or you see them sitting on their bed. It brings reliability for the viewer to these beauty vloggers. Many times the words “blogger” and “vlogger” get used in the same context when really they mean two different things. My originally narrative included a short synopsis of what they both were and how they were different. As it turns out twenty-second narratives per slide goes by really fast, and I had to leave that part out. Next time I might take out one of my other slides and replace it with the definitions of vlogger and blogger.

In this slide I also chose to quote the article Becoming Screen Literate, “Because of new consumer gadgets, community training, peer encouragement and fiendishly clever software, the ease of making video now approaches the ease of writing.” I chose this quote, firstly because I agree with it one hundred percent and it related to our topic quite well, and secondly because this is what the YouTube community as a whole embodies. These people get together, share their equipment recommendations, and learn together as a giant group. This makes video production simple, and fun. It’s because of this simplicity and enjoyment that today people are turning to this medium for expression rather than a writing medium.

What I learned about my blog topic

As stated early one of my passions is beauty and fashion, and I have tried to include myself in this growing age of beauty on the Internet. Bolter talks about writing spaces and how they have changed and evolved over time. Things like stone tablet we no longer use and see as ancient. Well without that stone tablet and the technological advancements since then we would not have the Internet and everything that comes with it. We can simplify the ideas of Bolter to just a laptop. It started with code, which only few people could comprehend and use sufficiently. Then we go to word processing and using a keyboard to type. People may how still found this tricky, but began grasping the concept easier. Bring on the Internet with it’s websites, search engines, social media outlets, and blogs. Everything boomed at once and things got less technical, and soon the Internet became THE writing space. Anyone who has a computer, laptop, tablet (not stone), smartphone, and some patience can take advantage of this writing space. I think that by learning and understanding this I was able to also understand why YouTube is so huge, and beauty blogs are so popular. Anyone can do it.


By working with my group I got to experience others interests. Although our blog is called “FashionForwardStudent” doesn’t’ mean we all are into fashion. Like I said I was all about the beauty, and specifically beauty vlogging. My group members had a wide array of interests, anything from nail polish to smart spending, that I have never even considered before. I liked that from this we were all able to enjoy each other’s blog posts, and compliment each other’s interests to make a well-rounded blog.


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