Pecha Kucha: Reflections By. Colleen Dilger…

Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham invented a presentation format as a solution to two extreme problems they noticed occurred during presentations. People often talked to much as well as people seem to be using powerpoint in a way that was horribly boring and lost the interest of many. So what Klein and Dytham did to try to resolve this issue, create the Pecha Kucha which puts constrictions onto these presentations. For our class we had to get together and create our own Pecha Kucha, regarding the web and related it to our blog. This is my reflections on our activities.

A Walk Through A Slide:
For my first slide, I was unsure of what I wanted to put. I had to make sure that, that slide would be a good transition from my group members Madeleine ideas for our Pecha Kucha to mine. Madeleine talked about the business of beauty blogging, while I discussed beauty bloggers that made a career of it. Considering this I first decided what I wanted to say, which was that I wanted to introduce the people I would talk about generically, then mention that they all share the common factor of creating, selling and advertising their own creations. After I decided the idea I wanted to mention, I thought about what image would make a good point to go along with my thoughts. I came to the conclusion that taking a screenshot of one of the beauty bloggers homepage would put a better image of what I was trying to perceive.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.16.20 PM

Since we had to add a piece of outside information to our Pecha Kucha, I figured that it might be beneficial to include one of the beauty bloggers actual blog link, where I received information about her and her career. I did this for both my slide on Cara Brook as well as for Nicole Guerriero, even though you can defiantly just google there names and all their web-links will be available to you. I saw this slide to be not a main part of the presentation alone, put when combined with all the other slide to be crucial in trying to achieve the ideas that the web has changed the way print has become. My slides showed how because of the web, these women were able to get themselves out there and promote themselves in ways that may not have been possible if they had not had the internet as an assessable tool to them. I don’t really wanna sound like a copout but I honestly don’t think that I would have changed anything about any of my slides. I think that they all had the information need to strengthen our ideas and pull or presentation together in a respectable way.

What I Learned About My Blog Topic:
I have learned that running a beauty blog isn’t easy. I would like to tell you that I thought of clever things to post that were interesting and new, however that simply isn’t so. I give much more create to the famous bloggers that have tons of fans and an unimaginable amount of pressure to post blogs weekly, sometimes even daily.


I suppose you could say that I studied this topic in the past, considering that I have always been very interested in beauty bloggers and usually keep up with their post religiously. I even took some of the bloggers that I have been interested in for years and related them to the topics we learned in class. By doing this it made the course more interesting because it related better to me, and made the information feel more relevant to myself. Having that interest defiantly made running this blog easier for me. I imagine that if I had to blog about building a house it would be much harder considering that I have never built a house, know nothing of building one, as well as simply do not really care about anything related to house building. Bolter talked about writing spaces and how they have changed. He mentioned how print is becoming dominantly online, and that is proved through our blog. Some people are trying to fight the transition of good old paper and ink to the compact and hardware drive of technology. However considering how newspapers are less popular, but news websites are always up to date and available, and books are getting harder to find unless you log onto amazon and order a copy for your kindle that will download instantly, within the comfort of your own home, I think it’s going to be hard for people to fight the transition of print to web for much longer. Thanks to the web, anyone who has a laptop, cell phone, tablet, basically anything electronic, will be able to bring up a beauty blog, the latest news, emails, and even books within an instant, wherever they are. Print is changing and in my opinion, its for the better.


2 thoughts on “Pecha Kucha: Reflections By. Colleen Dilger…

  1. hernan54 says:

    I think the whole idea of having a fashion blog was great. I really enjoyed reading your different blogs very interesting and left me wanting more. You’re not alone when you mentioned on how confused you were about the Pecha Kucha Assignment. I as well was very confused at first and had no idea on how to start off my narrative. At the end, I finally understood the whole meaning behind it. In my opinion once you get the hang of the Pecha Kucha is a great way to present a PowerPoint to an audience. Is always good to try new techniques.


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