Twitter: The One Sided Conversation

I recently posted a blog relating to the article Atwood in the Twittersphere, and I took a quote that stated, “What should I know of Twitter? I’d barely even heard of it. I thought it was for kiddies.” Although in that blog post I related my grandmothers use of the Internet and technology, and related it to that of Atwood, I can just as easily relate it to myself. When twitter first began getting popular I immediately signed up to see what it was all about. At this point Facebook was in its glory days and I loved it so much I thought Twitter would be no different. Well, actually, it turned out to be nothing like Facebook and it confused me. I eventually gave up trying to understand what a #hashtag was, and how to find people to follow. I retreated back to my Facebook comfort zone.


Another thing I completely relate to from the quote above is that twitter is for “kiddies”. I find that generations who are younger than me seem to use twitter more than any other generation. I feel like twitter to them is Facebook to me. I only noticed this when observing my boyfriends little sister, whose phone goes off every minute announcing that One Direction and other multiple boy bands have tweeted.

Before this intro to writing class I only used twitter to advertise my YouTube videos, and even then who could see it? I seemed to be following every major celebrity and their mother on twitter, but no one followed me. This just shows how inexperienced I am at twitter. If I tweeted my videos people could only see what I was saying if I tweeted at them directly or used a hashtag, but even then my posts got buried. However, like anything if you want to see progress and an outcome you have to work at it; like any relationship. Twitter is a giant relationship hub.


For our assignment we were asked to not only grab the attention of a professional in our field of interest, but also try to have a full on conversation with them. After some thought I decided to grab the attention of any well-known, or popular beauty YouTuber. Since these were the people I was trying to advertise myself to before I decided to try it again with a more “twitter savvy” approach.

Here are my attempts:

The closest I got to a response was a Twitter Q&A video, from ciaoobelllaxo, that she posted on YouTube. My heart sank to my toes in hopes that she would shoutout my twitter handle in her video, and I would be the best example for this assignment EVER.


But that didn’t happen.


I guess my question was either not interesting enough for her video, or it was asked too many times and was already answered in one of her previous Q&A’s. Next time if I ever decided to connect with a professional in a certain field of interest I will try to stick to a few people instead of ten. I think if someone sees your name pop up in their feed a few times they will begin to take you seriously.

Lesson learned: Twitter takes consistency and dedication.


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