The Facebook Challenge

The thought of giving up FaceBook.


This was my exact reaction when the class was assigned to give up FaceBook for a WHOLE week! Although I was apprehensive I deleted the app from my phone, and the bookmark from my bookmarks bar on my web browser. Facebook is my escape from reality and boredom. I tend to only update my status on Facebook during extremely stressful times. During this week of being “grounded” from Facebook I just so happened to be starting my full time job. All I wanted to do was go onto Facebook and complain about how hard my life was at that moment.

I feel like it’s always nice to have someone relate to you, or understand your stress. I know some people find constant complaining on Facebook really obnoxious, and I get that. So for the week of no Facebook I faced the challenge of finding a new outlet for my stress and negativity. By the end of the week I realized that I felt like I got through the week feeling less stressed, and I was letting things roll off my back easier. By constantly complaining about life on Facebook I am reliving experiences and holding on to stress just so I can update my status. Really I should just make a permanent status like this:


Life is so much easier when you don’t have the constant need to relive negative experiences and have a completely unnecessary conversations with people about it.

Another thing that I found hard to get past was the need to go on Facebook when I was bored. I usually get on Facebook before class starts. You know those times when you get to class ten minutes early, and everyone is sitting around with their faces glued to their phone screen? Yeah they’re on Facebook. Those ten minutes were the longest of my life during the Facebook ban.

I never knew what to do on my phone. I usually went on to the Huffington app or the Wanelo app. I also did cheat a few times (totally not on purpose!) when I clicked a company’s link it took me to their Facebook page…I promptly clicked off because I was committed. ;D

I never understood and still don’t understand my obsession with needing a constant update on peoples lives. Most of the time, like me, they are just complaining and releasing pent up anger and stress. This only adds to my stress and anger. I think by being off of Facebook for a week has helped me realize that it does more harm than good in my case. I may feel an impulse to complain and vent in the heat of the moment, but in the end it’s better to just let it roll off my back. However, this doesn’t mean I’m done for good…it’s a hard habit to break.


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