Dogs… Why Did They Become “The Seasons Hottest Trend”?

Okay so I am diverging a bit from the typical technology relate to beauty and fashion posts but this is something that has been bothering me since … Forever and I want to get it out there before I take my pent up anger out on some poor unsuspecting civilian walking the streets of New York.

It sickens me that the trend of “designer dogs” is growing. 10 years ago, you had the labadoodle. Sure, they are cute, but what about the health risks involved??
Here are a few facts for you about “Designer Dogs” :
  • Designer dogs can cost way more than a pure breed dog.
  • A lot of puppy stores are “designer puppy” stores.
    • a side note on puppy stores, they are a blatant form of animal abuse and while most are outraged, a lot of people are ignorant to the matter.

Shelters and rescue groups do their best to aid in assisting these animals, but it’s a vicious circle. The designer dogs who are perfect and healthy get sold and the “rejects” are the ones sent to high kill shelters where rescue groups go to try and save them.

Arañya is a Jack Russel and Pug (Jug), designer dog rescued by Joan Marie and Art a West Orange, New Jersey couple who loves all animals and were already the “parents” to two rescue dogs, Mya and Katie Frank, a Sheltie named Raine, an African Grey Parrot, and a turtle named Alice.

To the couple’s knowledge she has only one sister, Peppermint, (Arañya was originally named Candy Cane), and the shelter was trying to have the pair adopted together. However, Arañya has an eye problem, Joan and Art were originally told that Arañya had weeping eye, but it was really the beginning of dry eye in both of her eyes, meaning her tear ducts don’t produce tears causing her to be squinting, as seen in the images below.


Arañya was essentially blind at this point in her life


Whoever would have adopted her was going to have to put A LOT of time (and money) into her health and well being. What eventually happened was that Peppermint was adopted and Arañya went between families and the shelter. She had spent her whole life in a crate because the families found her to be too much to handle and a cone around her neck because she would scratch at her eyes. At least before she was adopted by Joan and Art. The housing situation for her had only meant to be temporary, but the more the couple had and interacted with her, the more they wanted to keep her.

Arañya was getting three different types of drops, two of which are prescription) in her eyes three times a day and “[she is taking] two prescription drugs. One of which is an Immune depressant, that’s what dry eye is all about, the confused immune system.” Joan Marie informed me when I questioned about the medication that Arañya takes. Joan Marie also informed me that the medication for Arañya is also expensive.



According to Joan Marie there is a nasal procedure that Arañya could undergo that would help moisten her eyes, but it rarely helps. Arañya however did undergo a surgery in which they removed some of her lower eyelid. She had stitches in her eyes and they took a long time to heal. Joan Marie commented and said she was lucky that Arañya didn’t get an infection.

Arañya, as mentioned above is a part Jack Russel, part Pug. Her new name, which is Spanish for “spider” was given to her because of her long, spidery legs. The family changed it when they found that the pup was getting herself into mischief because of how her long legs are and how they would allow her to feel out counters and whatnot in order to get human food or treats that would be on counters, out of reach of a normal leg length dog.


Laying down Arañya looks like a normal dog. According to the family Perry Como is a common nickname when wearing this sweater.


Arañya poses as “SuperDog” and shows off her long legs

Yes, Arañya was bred to be a designer dog. But just like Becker said, health risks may be intensified, which is what happened to Arañya. However, Arañya is with a family who is more than willing to put the time into taking care of her, and look at how happy she is. Yes, she has a defect, but she is still a perfect dog.

According to

While the term “designer dog” is fairly new, there is nothing new about them. Although many people who were new to the dog world saw the pairings of different breeds as a 20th century fad that was worth noting, avid breeders had been crossing purebreds for centuries. The difference was that earlier hybrids were intended for work purposes – to make better hunting or shepherding dogs, in many cases.

I have nothing against mixed breed dogs. My own dog is a poodle/bischon mix. But she’s a mutt. And that’s all these “designer dogs” are- mutts. And if you shell out thousands of dollars to have a dog bred for you because you want to have a toy something or another, well there’s a special place in hell for people like you. Because here’s what’s going to happen, you’ll get the dog and be happy for a little while… That is until the dog starts to have medical complications and you don’t care anymore.

“Crossing two different breeds does not necessarily diminish the risk of health problems, either. In fact, crossbreeding can introduce health problems into the mix, or intensify problems such as hip dysplasia or eye disease that two breeds might share.” Marty Becker reveals in the article “Should You Get A Designer Dog?”

Now this isn’t saying that it’s always the case, that the dog will have medical complications or that you’ll end up abandoning it when you don’t want to deal with it anymore but the sad truth is that it happens. And what’s even sadder is that the dogs can’t speak up for themselves and just like anything else, if it’s damaged most people people will overlook it and go for the shiny, pretty, nearly perfect version.

Dogs are people, not some fashion accessory. So next time you see an add for a “designer dog”, actually do research on it and see what the possible risks of having one is. The sad thing is that breeders aren’t going to stop breeding these “designers,” because there is a high demand for them. But if you want to help make a change, don’t get a “designer dog,” the minute you see the ad. Go to a local animal shelter and adopt one. Chances are, it may just be the best decision of your life.

**All photos used in this post are copyrighted to Joan Marie Domino and are being used with the owner’s consent.**


2 thoughts on “Dogs… Why Did They Become “The Seasons Hottest Trend”?

  1. Sammi Caramela says:

    I love this post. As a dog-lover…I completely stand by what you say about these “designer” dogs. The idea disgusts me! No one should use a living thing as an accessory.
    I never even realized the complexity behind this issue. I was used to seeing small pups in bright pink purses in the movies or on TV, but I never realized how cruel people are to animals who DO have feelings. Breaks my heart!


  2. hernan54 says:

    I am simply touched by your blog. I never knew there was a such a thing call “designer dogs”. I myself love dogs and think they are as human as we are. They have feelings and emotions like any other child, they need attention, love and care. Many people abuse animals, being so close minded and cruel. No dog deserves to get mistreated just like no human does as well. Love your blog, great choice.


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