A Walk Through A Slide

For an assignment in my Writing Arts course, we were assigned to make a Pecha Kucha, which is a slide show that uses 1 photo per slide and no words. The slides change every 20 seconds. Pecha Kucha prevents “death by powerpoint” and ensures the presenter will not just be reading off of a slid. Here is a walk through one of my slides..

A Walk Through A Slide

For the Pecha Kucha assignment, my blog group and I decided on the topic of blogging becoming mainstream. My five slides were first and with these slides, I discussed the history of blogging.


Although I put a lot of thought into each of my slides for the Pecha Kucha assignment, my favorite slide was my last slide. My final slide shows a girl painting her nails red at her computer desk. With this slide, I discussed the fact that blogs are a large part of our culture and many blogs are related to hobbies and interests. I then introduce the growth of beauty blogs as a type of hobby and interest blog in recent years.

My slides leading up to this slide showed little to no beauty aspect since they were used to discuss the history of blogging, rather than the beauty angle. Therefore, this slide is the first to show any type of beauty or glamour. As soon as I saw this picture, I knew my search was over and it was perfect for my final slide.

I chose this picture because even though the girl is sitting in front of her computer, she has her laptop and mouse pushed out of the way and is painting her nails red. She has all her nail tools on the desk, along with her stapler remover, scissors, agenda and other stationary tools. I believe this picture is a perfect representation of beauty blogging. Even down to using the color red as an accent color is perfection because nothing screams glamour like the color red.

With this image, I used information from an article to help introduce the popularity of beauty blogging. The article I chose was, “A Brief History of Blogging.” The article was exactly that, a brief history of blogging. The article gave the important dates and milestones of blogging and discussed how blogs moved past just political and world news and are now focusing on interests and hobbies, like beauty blogs.

I see this slide as a perfect introduction to the topic of beauty blogging. With the computer and stationary supplies on the desk along with the nail tools and nail polish it shows the aspect of writing as well as the aspect of beauty. I think it was a good end point to my part of the presentation as well as a good starting point for the next presenter. Looking back at it now, I don’t think there is much I would change about this slide. I definitely would not change the image, if anything, I would expand on my discussion about beauty blogs more than just stating how they have grown exponentially in recent years.

What I Learned about my Blog Topic

For this module, my blog group and I chose the topic of beauty blogs. I was excited to start a beauty blog and write about a topic I am interested in. I haven’t studied beauty blogging exactly, but I did go to cosmetology school, so I studied beauty. I also worked at a salon for about 2 years before deciding I wanted to go to college to become a teacher. I enjoyed working in the beauty industry, but I saw it as more of a hobby than a career. It is a lot harder work than people think and the hours are terrible. But all in all it was a fun experience and even though I no longer work at a salon, I still love hair and makeup and experimenting with both.

Although I was excited to write a beauty blog, I was worried about relating the class reading to the blog topic, but it was actually easier than I thought. The two reading from Bolter were relatable. The one, “Introduction: Writing in the Late Age of Print,” discussed the shift we are experiencing in print and how we are now living in a time that is being coined as the “late age in print.” Bolter visited the topic of the rapid growth in technology and stated that as new technologies present themselves, the idea of print is being left behind. One of these new technologies is blogging. In recent years, following the early 2000’s, blogging has grown and now, pretty much everyone has a favorite blog or even writes their own blog.

We also got the opportunity to choose readings outside the class for our blog entries, which was a little easier. My first blog using an outside source was “And the “Father of Year” Award Goes To…” which discussed an article I read about a single father going to beauty school to learn how to do hair for his daughter. Obviously this story was adorable, but my focus was more on how after taking classes at beauty school, the single dad started a blog and Facebook page showing other single dads and hair struggling parents how to complete simple hairstyles for their children.

I also read an article from the New York Times, “Beauty Bloggers Parlay Social-Media Success into Entrepreneurship” about successful beauty bloggers and how these women made a career out of beauty blogging. I took what I learned from the article and wrote a blog post, which focused on the three women in the article as well as how these women turned blogging into a career.

I found both the in class and out of class readings to be both informative and interesting. I learned a lot about my topic when it comes to the blogging aspect, rather than the beauty aspect. Although I follow a lot of beauty blogs, I am glad I got the opportunity to start my own. I am sometimes a little reluctant to give in to technology, but starting a blog was easier than I thought and it was fun to write about a topic I have interest in, rather than a topic given to me by a professor. I am even thinking of continuing to “beauty blog” this summer when I have some free time.


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