So often I’ll want to try something new for my makeup, but I won’t quiet know how to do the things that I desire, or I can’t think of an idea. Thankfully though there are sites like Youtube and Pinterest that have how to’s to simply guide you through.

Beauty gurus, get to make videos and blog post of new makeup looks and how to achieve the look and can get paid thanks to the views and subscribers that they get. Personally I am more then grateful for Youtuber’s like Zoella, Nicole Guerriero, and Tess Christine. Thanks to them I was able to watch makeup tutorials on looks to achieve with my Urban Decay Naked makeup palette. Often times I learn neat tips and tricks that I wouldn’t know other wise. When I first tried to get may hand at winged eye linger, it was often less to be desired, but after countless youtube searches and lots of time spent watching different techniques of achieving the perfect wing, I am finally able to do the same with little effort.

Internet is changing the way may things are being done. Learning tricks and tips used to not be so easily assessable. I for one am grateful that I can learn things in the comfort of my own home, and able to try along with the videos, or simply look up things that I might be too shy or embarrassed to ask someone else about.

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