The Facebook Ban has been Lifted… by Amanda Darpino

no fb

As a class assignment, I was asked to abstain from all Facebook activity for seven day! Prior to this assignment, I would have said i was not addicted to Facebook at all, but I quickly learned my dependence on Facebook was stronger than i thought. I use Facebook in times of boredom. At work, during commercial breaks, or while waiting in line at a store.

During the Facebook-less week, I will admit, there were several times I clicked the Facebook app on my phone out of habit. After the first two day, I had to move the app to its own page on my iphone to keep from using it. After doing that, there were many times i went on my phone and looked to my Facebook apps old spot and felt a pang of longing. Okay, that’s a bit dramatic, but my finger did hover over where the app once was before I realized I couldn’t use Facebook.

Well, I obviously survived the Facebook blackout period, but I did feel out of the loop for  a week. For an entire week I missed out on people’s status rants, relationship status updates, and photos of meals. Also, I had to actually do my job, watch commercials, and read tabloid headlines while in line at stores.

It was hard not to cheat, but I did my best. However, on Valentine’s day, I uploaded a picture to Instagram and clicked to link it to Facebook. I don’t count this as cheating though because technically i did not log onto or use the Facebook app to do this (spoken like a true Facebook addict).

To say I was excited to log into Facebook Wednesday morning might be an understatement. I will admit, it felt good to sign on and have so many notifications. I also had a lot of newsfeed to catch up on and a ton of BuzzFeed articles I needed to read.

Although this was an interesting experiment, I do not think I will be giving up Facebook again any time soon.

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