Lasting the Week… By Colleen Dilger

Have you ever stopped to realize how many times a day you may reach for your phone or laptop to go onto social media? This past week I did my best to give up on being so religiously attached to Tumblr. At first I dint really think that this was going to be a hard task to follow through on. Believe it or not, I failed on my first day. Now for me I use Tumblr as a time passer as well as a relaxer, so when I was stuck in the doctors waiting  for about an hour you can imagine how desperate I was to make time pass. I first started off my going on other social media apps.I started with checking my Instagram, however when you check your Instagram as much as me, theres usually very little new photos posted, so that took up a solid five minutes of my time. Then I moved onto Facebook, the classic standby, but for some reason my Facebook feed is either filled with post of videos (of which I believe would have been extremely rude to watch while sitting in a quite room filled with other impatient waiting people) or post that seem to have no necessary meaning or value. I quickly gave up on that, lastly I moved to twitter, however I’ve never really jumped on the twitter bandwagon so I was just kinda scrolling through with no real purpose. After sometime I just got annoyed and figured that it wouldn’t mind if I just go on Tumblr today. I’ll start tomorrow when I don’t have to spend my time just waiting around. So later that night before I fall asleep I grabbed my phone and did my usual Tumblr session that I always do before I fall asleep, I mean I already cheated today so why not. Day two was equally as challenging, honestly being an eye opener for me. I guess I never really thought about how often I seem to go, I realized that Ill go on after I get ready in the morning and am waiting to start my day, I’ll go on during class and I feel bored and need something to keep me going, Ill go on again when I waiting in the car to pick someone up, even when Im hanging out with my friends and the conversation seems to dull for a minute I’ll grab my phone on make a quick check, then Ill end my night strong by again going on. Why has Tumblr become such a huge aspect of my everyday life? What if the site actually got deleted one day, would I be able to cope or would I have to find a new addiction to waste my time? I’ve noticed that in this week as an attempted to not check Tumblr, I would find myself doodling in class when I felt bored, and I would bring up conversation starts with my friends when the chitchat slowed, at night instead of wasting the hour or so I would scrolling through my feed, I simply feel asleep. Now I would like to say that I was able to stay unplugged from Tumblr for the rest of the week, but sadly I think that I had a moment of weakness probably at leave for 30 minutes everyday. Im not proud of it, but I can admit it. Living without Tumblr was challenging to me, and at some points frustrating. I see the addiction that I have, as well as the addiction that is formed in many people around me. I place you with a challenging. I dare you to realize which social media is for favorite, whether it be Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, maybe even Tumblr and give it up for a week, like give it an honest try. I want you to realize just how plugged in you are and take a step back to see how its effecting you.

2 thoughts on “Lasting the Week… By Colleen Dilger

  1. darpinoa6 says:

    Your experience with giving up Tumblr for a week so closely resembles my experience with giving up Facebook for a week.. it was a struggle. I never realized how dependent I was on social networking until this assignment either. I also use social networking whenever I am bored, which is a lot. I would of cracked waiting at the doctor’s office too. There is no way I can get through a waiting room stay without social networking. I’m so bad with it, I will check Facebook and Instagram while at the gas station waiting for my tank to be filled. I’ve found myself clicking the apps while at a red light even. I also go through my social networking sites before bed, even after reading an entire article about how bad it is for your sleep to look at your phone before bed. But it doesn’t stop me.


  2. sarahdemora504 says:

    Your giving up Tumblr is huge. Seriously, I don’t know how anyone could do that. I don’t even use my Tumblr as often as I used to because I don’t have the time, but I still look at it from time to time. It’s honestly a big part of my life. I’m not sure how often you post personal type posts on it, but I know I do often. I honestly use it as a virtual journal. Not exactly a smart idea, I know, but I do it anyways. But to get back to your post (Sorry, I tend to rant) I agree with just how frustrating it is to be away from any social media app for a week. It’s hard. I honestly didn’t think I could do it with Facebook, and that’s not even my number one social media app. But take away Twitter from me, and we just might have a problem.


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