Madeleine Czekalski: Beauty Gurus Changing the Beauty Industry

Think about it. Five years ago what drove you to buy a certain beauty products? How did you know to buy one product over another? Were you more disappointed with purchases back then compared to your more recent purchases? Last question, I promise, has YouTube made you change the way you buy your beauty products? Chances are for over half of young adults, and more technology savvy adults the answer is YES!Smiley face

You no longer have to walk blindly into the department store beauty counter where the women wearing copious amounts of makeup tries to sell you hundreds of dollars worth of products, when you could find amazing dupes for one fourth of the high-end prices. Smiley face
Some people may think well “you get what you pay for,” but with the world wide web of beauty we see that just isn’t the case. We now have millions, if not billions, of beauty related video content on YouTube. These people give use what seems like a personal interactive video meant just for us. They give us their serious, and honest opinion on tons of beauty brands and products. According to this article, for beauty brands the money is no longer in the magazine ads, television ads, or door-to-door consultants.

The money is in the online video content! NYX is one of the many makeup brands using the already popular beauty gurus to spread word about the amazing products they offer. NYX is a drug store quality brand (if that even means anything anymore), so they are already lacking in funds to advertise their brand. Despite this fact they had almost one hundred percent of their views come from “user-generated content.” Dove, which also has a larger television campaign, had only forty percent of its online video views come from user-generated content. This means that even though Dove has been using YouTube for advertisement longer than NYX, NYX has millions of more views because of their user-generated content. User-generated content means that a brand sends beauty gurus (active users who make beauty related content and have millions of subscribers) free products to try and share with their online audience. This is essentially, a low cost method of advertisement.

So if you’re wondering, what does this have to do with how I chose what makeup to buy, or if you’re wondering if these beauty gurus are getting paid to have a positive opinion? Most beauty gurus will tell you they always give their true opinion. If they said they liked a crappy product, and thousands of their viewers went out and bought a product based on that beauty gurus’ opinion, only to find out it was not a good product, they would lose viewers and money. This user-generated content advertising is not only changing the way companies advertises their beauty products, but also the way we buy our makeup. Guaranteed the next time you want to try out a new lipstick you will be on YouTube doing your research, rather than going to a Mary Kay party, or a makeup counter.

2 thoughts on “Madeleine Czekalski: Beauty Gurus Changing the Beauty Industry

  1. dilgerc0 says:

    I have such an addiction to watching Youtube beauty gurus, its almost insane. Whenever I watch a video by Youtubers like Nicole Gurriero, Zoella Sugg or anyone else like them I always feel myself being overly confident in the items that they seem to like. I mean if there recommending it, and thats pretty much what they specialize in why not try the products that there raving about. I seem to always shy away from the cheaper products because I some how have it in my head that the more extensive it is, the nicer it must be. But as well all learn through time that isn’t true. When the NYX face awards was trending over youtube, it defiantly grabbed my interest and I figure hey the brand can’t be that bad if they have there own contest resulting in so many participants and if Ulta carries the brand why not try it. So I risked it and I went and purchased a liquid eyeliner that I heard positive reviews on, and much to my surprise i worked pretty good, however I was then let down by how soon it seemed to dry out compared to my good old Stila stay all day liquid eyeliner, but when you looked at the comparison NYX was cheaper so it made sense that it didn’t last as long, if I was gonna pay the same price for the cheaper brand as I did for the more expensive I would have expected for it to last as long. So going to back to your point I think that you are completely correct that beauty gurus seem to having more of the advertising power now a days and you can pretty trust there word because like you said they know that if they give you false information and advise there gonna start to lose there fan base which will ultimately end with them losing money,


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