Fellow Beauty Bloggers Find Big Time Success! by Amanda Darpino

Blogs are a fun, creative outlet, but sometimes what starts out as a hobby can turn into a career.

Cara Brook, age 28, is the creator of popular beauty blog Maskcara.com and in November of 2014, Cara began selling her own line of products via her blog. The Las Vegas native began selling her contouring kit, HAC pack ($47) and foundation ($26). In 2013, Cara was named Allure magazine’s Beauty Blogger of the Year and in her interview, she said her innovation came from her frustration with the highlighting and contouring products on the market. Her frustration led her to order raw ingredients to experiment with creating her own makeup. Both products have been selling and Cara credits the success of her new line to her blog readers saying, “They’re so intelligent, down to earth and sweet.”

Cara wasn’t always a successful beauty blogger, in fact, when she first began writing, her main blog posts were based on sample products she got from Sephora. After a year of blogging about these sample products, Cara’s sister, Rachel, called from a salon where she had just given a pedicure to a woman whose company manufactured makeup for Sephora and Bath & Body Works. They worked together for two years to create the Maskcara line, testing it on readers who signed up for makeovers. Today, there is currently a waiting list for the makeovers!

Cara’s childhood dream of inventing her own beauty products became a reality with the help of social media, but she isn’t the only one who found success via social media. Michelle Phan, 28, began posting makeup tutorials on YouTube in 2007 and now has over five million subscribers! In 2010, she collaborated with Lancôme and this year, Michelle introduced a makeup line called Em Cosmetics, backed L’Oréal, Lancôme’s parent corporation. Her products include Chiaroscuro, a contour and highlighter stick ($24) and Waterliners, skinny eyeliners ($18) as well as collections of eye shadow, blush, and lipsticks.

Another successful beauty blogger, Maria Morrison, 39, took a different angle and started a nail-polish blog. A search for the perfect shade of purple nail polish led her to create her own, which she cleverly named My Kind of Cool Aid. Now, this shade sells along side of various other shades, each selling for $12 on her online site, Cult Nails. Maria states, “the line is as organically made as possible, and is vegan and cruelty-free,” based on the input of Maria’s teenage daughter who is vegetarian.

What started out as a childhood dream, fun hobby, or vanity project via social media has turned into entrepreneurship for these three successful beauty bloggers.




One thought on “Fellow Beauty Bloggers Find Big Time Success! by Amanda Darpino

  1. mczekalski says:

    These women inspire me and I am so glad that you decided to feature them on the blog! There are so many beauty bloggers out there. I haven’t heard of Cara Brook or Maria Morrison. However I am actually subscribed to Michelle Phan on YouTube, and besides creating her own cosmetic line she is also one of the first creators of a beauty subscription box! (http://www.ipsy.com/new/) Just incase you are interested, two other beauty bloggers who have created their own beauty lines… my personal favorite is Shannon Harris (http://www.shaaanxoblogs.com/) she put out a makeup brush line, lash line, and jewelry line. And also Karrisa Pukas (http://lovekarissa.ca/) who has a fairly popular lash line called social eyes. ☺


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