Surviving Fashion Trends in College… Theresa Baran

Three things female college students always seem to worry about is fashion trends. This includes: makeup products, actual clothing, hair styles and nail designs. The majority of the female population feeds off the season’s trends the way a parasite feeds off of it’s host to live. (My apologies for the morbid image.) But the problem is… 

How do I get this season’s looks with my bank account looking the way it does?!

Well, that’s the beauty of the internet. The internet is filled with bloggers devoted just to this. One of the more popular blogs Broke and Beautiful posts whenever something new seems to hit the fashion scene, or they are just reviewing some product that you might be interested in before going and shelling out the money for it.

Now, if you have gone to the site, you might be freaking out and internally cursing me because you have fallen in love with a product you have seen, but it is just a little bit out of your price range. Don’t fret. Remember: The Internet is a Beautiful place. 

Personally I clicked on the posting In Bloom Vintage Botanical Print Wallets, because quite frankly, I am getting sick of my Yoshi wallet. I need something … more classic. And I fell in love with the images littering the page. The poppy one being my personal favorite.

I was all ready to pull out my debit card and go to the website when I noticed the price. $39.99. My heart sunk in my chest. Sure forty dollars might not seem to be that expensive, but with my student loans piling up and bills that have to get paid, I can’t splurge on a wallet like this.

Thus, I went to the internet. Sure, I couldn’t find one exactly  like the one imaged above, but I had a general feel for what I was looking for at this point and thanks to sites like Google (a general spring  board) you can find almost anything through eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. Using eBay, I found a wallet that gives me the same feeling as the Poppy wallet does. The best part though? It’s only $16 and it’s free shipping.

That’s 60% off. Which, in my mind is a way better deal than $40, plus with the second wallet, I get to keep my money (the rare times I do have cash) wrinkle free.

2 thoughts on “Surviving Fashion Trends in College… Theresa Baran

  1. darpinoa6 says:

    I love this post about how to shop smarter and find a good bargain. I am a frequent online shopper and love a good deal. I too fall in love with clothing and accessories out of my price range and am left feeling heartbroken when i add the item to my online shopping cart and realize it cots more than my current net worth. But like you said, the internet it a beautiful place and if you look in the right places you can find deals. I will definitely have to check out Broke and Beautiful blog because there is nothing i love more than trends that are affordable.

    P.S. cute wallet 🙂 I actually like the $16 one even better than the expensive Poppy wallet.


  2. kleinj0 says:

    I thought this was a great article!! It is almost dizzying to think about how much goes into creating the perfect “look” – as you said, it doesn’t just stop at a cute outfit. We need the good makeup and “X” number of hair products, accessories, purses, shoes, the list goes on! I think any girl our age group (regardless of their own personal style) would appreciate your post, and even women who AREN’T living the college struggle still like to save here and there! I know I am one of those people – certain brand names I feel like I can’t live without, but I do love a good steal. I think the blog you posted was a great resource! The Internet really is full of so many possibilities! 🙂


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