Atwood by Theresa Baran

Twittersphere…. It really is an unusual word for someone that really never uses Twitter. Well if you are like my parents, I know what you’re thinking… You’re 21 and don’t use Twitter?! Well…No. I don’t. But thanks to Margaret Atwood I can’t even really say I have a good excuse as to not be using it, because honestly if that grandmotherly woman can use Twitter, well why can’t I?

Before I start, I want to comment on something in the article that made me laugh.

My first problem was that there were already two Margaret Atwoods on Twitter, one of them with my picture. This grew; I gave commands; then all other Margaret Atwoods stopped together. I like to think they were sent to a nunnery, but in any case they disappeared. The Twitterpolice had got them. I felt a bit guilty. 

The fact that when you try to sign up for Twitter (or any other social media in which it requires a username) it really is a pain when you can’t get the one that you want, but when you try to get the username as a “celebrity” of sorts, well.. sometimes life is a little bit harder for you.

The fact that Atwood states that she felt a bit guilty caused me to crack up laughing, because I feel like that is a typical grandparent response. My grandmother felt guilty when she got the last gallon of milk or the last carton of eggs at the grocery store. One time she even paid for the last whatever it was she had, went up to the person and gave them it, stating that they could get better use out of it than she would.

The term “Twitterpolice” though evoked a more … recent feeling of frustration of sorts. Like when you are trying to teach an older family member how to use certain Social Media outlets and they just aren’t understand that they can’t have a certain URL because some thirteen year old in Nevada already has it. And no she will not change her URL just because it’s the name of your business. And no, reporting her isn’t going to do anything about it! (Trying super hard not to derail and yet…)

No mom, this doesn't exist!

No mom, this doesn’t exist!

Atwood proves in her article that old dogs can learn new tricks. So in all reality there is no reason that I can’t be part of the “Twittershpere” and tweet on a daily basis…. Which I haven’t really been doing on a daily basis…. Oops…

Yes, I know. Don’t rub it in,  Rachel.

Honestly, when it comes to Twitter I just have no desire to be commenting on my daily in 140 characters or less. I’m an introvert of sorts. I like being alone. This isn’t saying that I don’t socialize, I do. But when the day is done, give me a book and the quiet that is just my thoughts and I.

And it has once again happened. Thought derailment.

Atwood’s article made me think of my grandmother in many ways. My grandmother never really understood the concept of the internet. She did, but at the same time she didn’t. My cousin and I set her up with an email address and a Skype account so she could keep in touch with her family out West   and we told her she could have access to hundreds upon thousands to upon millions of recipes her response never changed: “The internets is just a phase!”

Some people just don’t care about the Internet I suppose. But is there really ever a way to change them?

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