Madeleine: Relating to Atwood in the Twittersphere

Reading through the article “Atwood in the Twittersphere” written by Margaret Atwood I couldn’t help but think of my grandmother. It brought back recent memories of my grandmother getting a brand new computer. She still clings onto AOL like a baby does a blanket or teddy bear. This is also the same women that cried tears of fear and dread when she received an AWESOME printer to print her photos for scrapbooking.

*Insert photo of my grandmother freaking out…. now.*


In her defense printers are one of the most annoying and unpredictable pieces of technology in the whole universe. She recently just got introduced to the magical world of Skype and video calling. Luckily I was there to coach her through the experience, and we were able to get through it meltdown free (she just freaked out a little when she didn’t know how to hang up. lol). One thing my grandmother taught herself to do was Facebook. Reading Atwood’s thoughts and experiences with twitter were exactly that of my grandmother, only with Facebook. My grandmother will most likely never get into the “Twittersphere” but I don’t blame her.

When Twitter first began to rise in the world of social media, was the first time I truly felt technologically challenged. I couldn’t agree more when Atwood quotes Wordsworth “What should I know of Twitter? I’d barely even heard of it. I thought it was for kiddies.” This is exactly how I felt and thought about Twitter. It seemed less personal than Facebook, where when I wrote something I actually felt like maybe someone would care to read it. Also with twitter I felt like my feed was constantly being spammed with updates. At that point I understood how my grandmother felt when she got her printer; overwhelmed and confused. For this reason alone I commend Atwood for the courage and drive she showed when taking on the “Twittersphere”. The fact that she was able to grasp the concept of networking to gain 33,500 followers amazes me. Being an author she more than likely had already mastered the skill of conversational (face-to-face) networking, and she simply applied that art to Twitter. This shows how technological advancements can evolve and adapt things that involved many different situations, mannerisms, and moments, and completely pushed them all together into this thing we call Twitter. Like Atwood mentions about her followers, some of them were genuine and some were trolls. Meaning there is never a “specific” way to act on twitter. You can act how you want. All of these amazing and different things were happening at once in the same area. I think this is what amazes older people who haven’t grown up with technology. The fact that before twitter and the internet in general there was always a certain time and place for things to be shared or said, but now with these social media sites it’s always the place and it’s always the time.

…. if its not the time you still say it and just add #toosoon? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Madeleine: Relating to Atwood in the Twittersphere

  1. darpinoa6 says:

    I share your grandmother’s fear and dread of printers. 3 years ago I got a new printer and just about fainted when I hooked it up and it actually worked. No fuss, no issues, just a functioning printer. Unfortunately, I have since switched to a MAC and had to get yet another new printer so that it was compatible with my MAC and have yet to print something successful. So my printer success was short lived.
    I am also not as comfortable with Twitter as I am with Facebook and like Wordsworth, I feel like it is for the kiddies. My sister and I are 7 years apart and I am the older one. While my go to social media is Facebook, she prefers Twitter. Although, this is the second class I have had to use Twitter for and I am becoming a lot more familiar with the layout and ins and outs of Twitter.


  2. dilgerc0 says:

    While I was reading Atwoods article I also had a feeling that she reminded me much of my grandmother. My grandmother has jumped in the internet work, however she absolutely refuses to jump into any form of social media, she even refuses to get herself an email. I don’t necessarily blame her though, honestly at these point in her life, what is really the point? Basically all her close loved ones are family member and thanks to me she has them all on speed dial, so whenever anything eventful happens in her life or ours were all are to receive a phone call and receive the same story that she already told 5 other people. Sure it would it easier for her to learn Facebook or twitter and just post her story once, but to her its all about secrets. Theres some things that she doesn’t want some to know and theres others that she wants to tell everyone. So I guess to her social media takes away your privacy and secretly and honestly I do agree with her.


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