Atwood by Colleen Dilger…

What is the twitterspear? Am I being left out because I don’t  actively contribute to this world. Atwood explained how she discovered Twitter through the pressure of attaching a feed onto the webpage she was making. She like most I presume was reluctant and unknowing to this odd and corky social media, however after sometime of making her Twitter she began to rack in the followers, many of which who were resilient in the fact that Margaret Atwood make a Twitter. Some made comment towards her that they “love  when old ladies blog.” Now that Atwood has gotten the gist of this new world she can fully appreciate all that it has to offer. As well as not offer.

“Which is typical of ‘social media’: you’re always saying things you shouldn’t have said.” How often have you logged onto Twitter or Facebook or basically any form of social media and been at aw at what someone has said. Often times sharing to much of their personal life, or making comments that are placed in the grey zone. Atwood realizes that with so many people able to post on these social medias it can be expected that sometimes things will be said that should have been better left behind.

I myself have a family friend on Facebook, and more often then not I will log onto my account and my wall is typically filled with her ranting about her last experience at the grocery story or some medical issues that she’s been having with her foot. Usually her status are things that can be better left unread. After a while Ive grown accustom to seeing her name on my feed and just skimming right past, I’d rather not know every living detail of her life, especially since I haven’t truly seen her in person since I was around the age of 10.

Margaret Atwood reminded me of my sweet grandmother, who was at first very reluctant to plug into any form of the internets. However after she was shown that she could virtually gamble without losing actual money, her world was open and she could not get enough. Now hovever when I go to visit her I am often bombarded with questions on why her game seems to be doing a certain thing or how can she get more. Atwood gave me the same impression, she seemed to be reluctant to join the Twitter world but once she did, she joined the wagon full force.

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