Electronic Writing for the Win.. by Amanda Darpino

In chapter two, Writing as Technology, Bolter discusses different writing spaces, and while I automatically thought of writing spaces as physical locations where people do their writing, he uses writing spaces as a way to describe the different modes people use to write. Writing spaces include a spiral notebook, a word document, even a Facebook status post. Bolter states, “Literacy is, among other things, the realization that language can have a visual as well as an aural dimension, that one’s words can be recorded and shown to others who are not present at the time of the recording.” This would be referring to videos, such as a YouTube video. Bolter includes this in his description of the various writing spaces.

As I’ve said before, when I read “writing spaces,” my mind instantly went to a physical location, such as a library or a living room or bedroom. But Bolter is referring instead to the different modes of writing. When people think of writing, a video or audio is probably not their first thought. This is considered the electronic writing space. According to Bolter, “The electronic writing space may seem to be severed from the material world in a way that the space of print was not. Enthusiasts for the electronic writing space often promote as revolutionary its dynamic and autonomous character – the fact that Web pages and multimedia can act as well as react.”

Until reading this article, I never thought much about the different modes of writing and I found Bolter’s statements on electronic writing to be most interesting. Maybe because it is so prominent in the world we live in or maybe because I never even considered electronic writing as a mode, specifically videos and audio. Electronic writing definitely has its advantages and like enthusiasts, I agree that Web pages allowing people to act as well as react opens a whole new realm for writing.

For example, electronic writing works great for beauty blogs, videos, and tutorials. Giving tips and tricks via electronic writing allows people to watch and hear actual tutorials. This makes it easier to follow along step by step. With a video, you are able to pause on a certain step as well as rewind if you miss a step. And if you are as bad at makeup as I am, the features of pause and rewind will come in handy. Also, with the option to act and react, you get to see other people’s opinion about the post or video. Other self-proclaimed beauty experts are able to post comments on the bogs, videos, and tutorials to add more insight to the beauty tip or trick. This mode of writing opens up new possibilities for the beauty enthusiasts.

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