And the “Father of the Year” award goes to… by Amanda Darpino

Hey, guys! Check out this awesome story about single dad, Greg Wickherst, who went to hair school in order to learn how to do his 3-year-old daughter’s hair. Shortly after beginning basic cosmetology classes, Greg was able to do a simple braid, a fishtail braid, and a french braid.

After learning the new hairstyles for Izzy, Greg began to share what he learned via Facebook, where he gives pointers and tutorials for other parents. Now, other single dads can look to Greg’s Facebook page learn hairstyles for their children. Greg even started a new Facebook page solely dedicated to Izzy’s hairstyles. The page is Greg Wickherst’s Dads Guide to Surviving Hair.

In the “About” section of this page, Greg explains, “This page is dedicated to dads (and moms) around the world that would like help with doing their kids hair, and basic parenting advice.”

The page has received a lot of attention and since the article about Greg went viral. Greg even posted about Aston Kutcher recently sharing his post.

Although Greg’s story heart warming to say the least, it also brings up the topic of beauty tips through social media. Just like Greg is sharing his tips and pointers to fellow parents who struggle doing their toddlers hair,other people are using social media to share their beauty knowledge. Social media is a quick and easy way to both learn and share beauty tips.

Now, it is easier than ever to stay on top of beauty trends with social media. For example, almost everyone, including me is loving the winged eyeliner look. Although this look seems effortless, nothing more than a quick flick with the eyeliner pencil, it is a lot more complicated than it looks. After many failed attempts at this hot, new trend, i looked to social media for tips and pointers.I simply went to YouTube and searched “winged eyeliner tutorial” and in minutes, i was able to find countless video tutorials giving the steps to achieve the winged eyeliner look. 

YouTube is a great starting point for beauty tutorials, but you can also look to beauty blogs and Facebooks pages or Pinterest. Pinterest does not have videos, but you can get step by step instructions that include pictures, which is also very helpful. So, whether its a blog post, Pinterest pin, or YouTube video, social media is a great source for beauty tips and pointers. 

2 thoughts on “And the “Father of the Year” award goes to… by Amanda Darpino

  1. theresaann121 says:

    This story is amazing. I love how this father is taking the initiative to become more literate in the fashion industry so that he can help his daughter. It’s amazing how you can learn anything through the internet. Greg is a real inspiration, if a single dad can learn how to fishtail braid his daughter’s hair I don’t really have an excuse for not being able to accomplish a winged eyeliner or smokey eye look, do I?


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