Theresa on — Tweeting with Editors… Kinda

I take back anything I have said about a different topic being difficult. Tweeting to my professional community was the hardest. First, I had to figure out who to tweet to, which I ended up choosing three editors from different publishing companies. Then I had to figure out what to ask them. I didn’t want to come across as stupid but… Who knows.

I tweeted… But alas, there was no response.

So… Let me explore this experiment, tweet-by-tweet.

My First Tweet:

Michelle Howry is an editor at Simon and Schuster, and I thought that this would be a good starting point, considering that most of my books are published by them. Now the question. What was I thinking?? Honestly, I worded it completely wrong. So hopefully, if Michelle saw it, I wouldn’t blame her for not responding due to the confusion that ensues.

What I had meant was if a certain genre was her forte more than others, much like many people prefer reading one genre to another genre. Oh boy, the pain is real. I had a conversation planned based on this Tweet, had she responded. My follow up question would have been if she edits more of Genre-X because it is her strong point. I definitely shot myself in the foot with this one.

My Second Tweet:

Lauren Spiegel is a Senior Editor at Touchstone books. Because she is senior editor, I was curious as to what she offered clients in terms of editing services. Does she work first on with the promotion of the book? Does she help develop the book? Does she work hands on with the copying editing and proofreading? While these may seem like minor questions, I was dying to know. There are editors who will shell out all and any services they can to get an author they really like on board. So is Lauren Spiegel more buddy buddy with her authors or is she more….

I guess I’ll never know…

My Third Tweet:

What the hell was I thinking with this tweet?! This question is the equivalent to going up to someone carrying a load of packages who is struggling and asking if they need help. Oh god, I suddenly feel like a complete and total idiot. Kind of like when you are in bed and pull the covers up only to hit yourself in the face and get a black eye from it. Yeah.

I want to say that this was my first question and I was just testing the waters out. I want to make up any and all excuses to cleanse myself of my stupidity. But… I can’t. Me typing this post is kicking the ass of the version of me that asked this question.

Honestly, I am not even going to expand on this tweet. I am full ashamed of myself.

However, I did learn one thing from this portion of the assignment. Since I was essentially talking to no one, I did my own research on the questions I asked and I realized that everything that falls under an editor’s job title makes me love the job even more than I already had and I know that I’m doing the right thing (for me) going into this field of work.


Theresa’s Thoughts on… Pecha Kucha

I bet I know what you’re thinking. What the heck is Pecha Kucha? Well, you can read all about Pecha Kucha here. Basically, however, Pecha Kucha is a presentation form in which there are twenty slides and twenty seconds of speech per slide. Keeps the topic interesting, don’t you think?

My group’s whole blog concept had been about fashion and technology, so going through with different aspects to cover had been fairly easy. Amanda covered The History of Blogging, Madeline covered The Business of Beauty Gurus, Colleen covered Beauty Blogging: The Career and what did that leave me? Well… My topic tied together with Madeline and Colleen’s with the beauty gurus. Let me guess, you’re asking me how aren’t you? Well, you see a beauty guru using a product you love, but you can’t afford it, right? Well my whole topic for the class had been beauty on a budget and I covered just that.

Let’s Take A Walk…

The first slide had been the hardest for me, in all actuality. I had to have a slide that transitioned well from Colleen’s topic into the whole “Beauty on a Budget” concept. So after thinking for a while, I thought, why not use a Beauty Blogger to kick it off. So my first image had been an ad of Michelle Phan and her cosmetics line, Em. However, I actually am going to be discussing my second and fourth slides more than my first.


The top image is a screen cap from popular YouTuber, Grav3yardgirl’s (Bunny Meyer) series First Impression Friday, in which she reviews new or popular make up products. The beauty of this series is that if the product doesn’t work, you don’t have to shell out the money to go get it. This slide had been the beginning of tying makeup and the internet together.My third slide was very similar, as it also featured Bunny, but in a different light, as it was from another popular series on her channel, Does This Thing Really Work? The reason I used Bunny as my subject was that, to me, she is real. She is not going to sugar coat if these products work because she gets endorsed by the companies.

The image below is a screen cap from a product comparison site called MatchMyMakeup, where you can go and find products very similar to a brand you love. This slide was the first to demonstrate the beauty that is the internet. My fifth slide was a screen cap from a price comparison website, which I thought was the perfect way to tie everything together, considering that this is where the world is heading. Online shopping with little to no human contact.

Is this going to be society in thirty some odd years whenever people have to actually do something face to face?

What Did I Learn?

One thing that I learned is that the internet is truly Costco of the Internet. You no longer have to really do anything yourself anymore. If you are iffy about buying a product, you just have to google a video of someone testing it and if doesn’t work as you think it will, that’s it. You don’t have to waste the money. But… This makes me wonder, how lazy will society become?

Where Copyright starts and Remixing Begins

The line between remix and copyright infringement is a very vague and blurry line. As a Youtuber myself I understand the struggle that comes with monetization of videos and all of the copyright rules. For someone like myself all of these rules that you need to follow can seem over whelming and stressful. Even searching Google for more straightforward answers to your copyright questions can be confusing because you get sixty different answers to the same question.

Like the video RiP! A Remix Manifesto music is one of the biggest and trickiest to understand in the copyright world. If I wanted to add Taylor Swifts new over-played hit song “Blank Space” to my video I can’t because, plain and simple, I don’t own the song. You may be asking yourself, “Well don’t they want their song advertised and played a million times?” the answer to your question is yes. However, the owners of this music also want to get paid for their, music and they want it to be represented in a positive light. To get around getting caught using copyrighted music people play only thirty seconds of the song in their videos, or they change the pitch ever so slightly so the system is unable to recognize the song. Eventually you will get caught, and you could get your whole YouTube account deleted or revoked. Even then you aren’t safe.

A famous Youtuber, Michelle Phan, was recently sued for about 7.5 million dollars for copyright infringement.

The kicker, she had previously gotten permission from the record label to use their artist music. So even with permission you aren’t safe to incorporate any others work and make it something new. I think if record labels want to truly enforce the copyright laws there needs to be set rules that are made clear cut to the public. For now we just hope that we don’t get sued for an observed amount of money.

Eyebrow Game Strong By. Colleen Dilger…

What is the newest accessory that everyone seems to be hyping about? Have you noticed how everyone seems to obsessing over this new fade called the eyebrow game? I have fallen victim to this new fade and as a result, my eyebrows have become an unhealthy obsession for me.


If you would have asked me about two years ago what was one makeup product i would not be about to leave the house without the answer would have been mascara, however in senior year I discovered eyebrow powder and the magic it did to my face. Instantly I started to receive comments on “whatever I was doing, it looks really nice”, so naturally this made me feel good, and caused me to want to get even better. I’ve had some rough times where I would by a product the didn’t rely match my hair and my eyebrows would end up far to dark for my face. Ive also made the mistake of buying a eyebrow gel that looked fantastic on my face when I was indoors, however once I stepped into any form of sunlight they instantly gave me red eyebrows, which clearly didn’t match my brown hair.


Theres defiantly a technique to filling in your eyebrows correctly and to have them shaped, at first I would just kinda do whatever to my face and hope for the best, but once I discovered that that wasn’t getting me anywhere, i decided to turn to the internet and learn all I could from beauty bloggers that have already master this skill that I was clearly lacking. My main instructor for my brows was Nicole Guerriero, as I’ve mentioned her before, she runs a beauty channel on youtube and dose lots of tutorials. Through her Ive learned which brands work better than others and how to fill them in to look more natural.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 9.09.31 PM

For people just starting out I recommend that you stay clear from eyebrow pencils, since you can easily get carried away and end up looking like a cartoon character with drawn on eyebrows. Your best best for beginners would have to be a powder, it gives you a soft finish that if done in small and short stroke will look natural and flawless. I (and advanced eyebrower) use a dip brow pomade from Anastasia, with an angled brush. I first dip my brush into the pot and then swipe the brush across the lid to get off any access makeup so that way it doesn’t go on to heavy. The I will outline my button brow, then I will outline my arch and follow that into creating a gentle tail. After the general idea of my eyebrow is lined I will then fill the rest in, and finishing with running a spolly brush over my brows to make sure they all natural blend together.


Your first try isn’t going to be perfect but by looking into blogs and watching tutorials you may be able to master the art of the eyebrow game, and become the envy of everyone around.

Twitter By. Colleen Dilger…

Live tweeting effected my reading, in my opinion, in a positive way. While I was reading articles I would look at the readings in a different light, often I would have taken the readings and just read it to get it over with, however knowing that I had the ability to live tweet it, I would look at the article to try to find things that might be interesting or whenever I read something that I either found extremely intriguing or something that I didn’t necessarily agree with I would post a tweet that involved the reading with my idea. When I was reading Atwood in the Twittersphere, I live tweeted a quote that was in the text, which I found to be extremely accurate, not only in todays age but also of many of the people that I follow on social media.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 8.31.11 PM

To ‘strengthen’ my tweet I embedded the website that I used so that others that might see my tweet could click on the link and read about it themselves and then they could take their opinion and tweet back at me. Sadly no one did though. I think that this activity made the readings more interesting for me because now it felt like I was reading for a purpose.

Twitter is a good way to try to get into communication with professionals and celebrities, that you may not other wise have the chance to get into contact with. Since I am an early childhood education major, I thought that it would be interesting to get into contact with someone well known in the field. I first tweeted at LiteracyCounts, which is a twitter page that mostly just tweets about children’s literature and literacy activities for the classroom.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 8.30.42 PM

I tweeted at them with a question that I thought might get their attention and have them tweet back to me, however I was sadly mistaken and received no attention on my tweet. I figured, perhaps I didn’t receive any attention from them because they weren’t really a single persons twitter, but instead it was like a group that ran a twitter page, so having this in mind, I changed my audience and switched over to Eliza Byard (EByard). Byard is an executive director that preaches safe schools, and equality in the classroom. I looked into her tweets and noticed that all her tweets mention safe school techniques, so I figure since that was clearly what her passion was that if I tweeted at her saying “what are someways you recommend that teachers can prevent bullying in the classroom?” it would spark her interest and she would reply back to me with her strong opinions. I once again was wrong. Byard follows 807 people, most of which seem to be teachers and people that preach about LGBT rights. She also has 3,365 people that follow her. Byard has 6,463 tweets and has had an account since March 2009.From reading her tweets I can feel that she is a passionate advocate for safe classrooms. I think that interacting with her could give me beneficial ideas that could have helped me when I do get a classroom of my own, however I suppose that someone with that many followers would probably have a lot of people tweeting at them.

Pecha Kucha: Reflections By. Colleen Dilger…

Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham invented a presentation format as a solution to two extreme problems they noticed occurred during presentations. People often talked to much as well as people seem to be using powerpoint in a way that was horribly boring and lost the interest of many. So what Klein and Dytham did to try to resolve this issue, create the Pecha Kucha which puts constrictions onto these presentations. For our class we had to get together and create our own Pecha Kucha, regarding the web and related it to our blog. This is my reflections on our activities.

A Walk Through A Slide:
For my first slide, I was unsure of what I wanted to put. I had to make sure that, that slide would be a good transition from my group members Madeleine ideas for our Pecha Kucha to mine. Madeleine talked about the business of beauty blogging, while I discussed beauty bloggers that made a career of it. Considering this I first decided what I wanted to say, which was that I wanted to introduce the people I would talk about generically, then mention that they all share the common factor of creating, selling and advertising their own creations. After I decided the idea I wanted to mention, I thought about what image would make a good point to go along with my thoughts. I came to the conclusion that taking a screenshot of one of the beauty bloggers homepage would put a better image of what I was trying to perceive.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.16.20 PM

Since we had to add a piece of outside information to our Pecha Kucha, I figured that it might be beneficial to include one of the beauty bloggers actual blog link, where I received information about her and her career. I did this for both my slide on Cara Brook as well as for Nicole Guerriero, even though you can defiantly just google there names and all their web-links will be available to you. I saw this slide to be not a main part of the presentation alone, put when combined with all the other slide to be crucial in trying to achieve the ideas that the web has changed the way print has become. My slides showed how because of the web, these women were able to get themselves out there and promote themselves in ways that may not have been possible if they had not had the internet as an assessable tool to them. I don’t really wanna sound like a copout but I honestly don’t think that I would have changed anything about any of my slides. I think that they all had the information need to strengthen our ideas and pull or presentation together in a respectable way.

What I Learned About My Blog Topic:
I have learned that running a beauty blog isn’t easy. I would like to tell you that I thought of clever things to post that were interesting and new, however that simply isn’t so. I give much more create to the famous bloggers that have tons of fans and an unimaginable amount of pressure to post blogs weekly, sometimes even daily.


I suppose you could say that I studied this topic in the past, considering that I have always been very interested in beauty bloggers and usually keep up with their post religiously. I even took some of the bloggers that I have been interested in for years and related them to the topics we learned in class. By doing this it made the course more interesting because it related better to me, and made the information feel more relevant to myself. Having that interest defiantly made running this blog easier for me. I imagine that if I had to blog about building a house it would be much harder considering that I have never built a house, know nothing of building one, as well as simply do not really care about anything related to house building. Bolter talked about writing spaces and how they have changed. He mentioned how print is becoming dominantly online, and that is proved through our blog. Some people are trying to fight the transition of good old paper and ink to the compact and hardware drive of technology. However considering how newspapers are less popular, but news websites are always up to date and available, and books are getting harder to find unless you log onto amazon and order a copy for your kindle that will download instantly, within the comfort of your own home, I think it’s going to be hard for people to fight the transition of print to web for much longer. Thanks to the web, anyone who has a laptop, cell phone, tablet, basically anything electronic, will be able to bring up a beauty blog, the latest news, emails, and even books within an instant, wherever they are. Print is changing and in my opinion, its for the better.

Time to Change your Internet Diet

Chances are your diet looks like most of the world’s “Internet Diet” is looking like the stereotypical American diet, full of unhealthy fats and sugars.
Maybe it doesn’t feel unhealthy at this point but as pointed out in the TED talk by Eli Pariser called Beware online “filter bubbles” there is no longer a way to achieve a healthy balanced “Internet Diet.” If you go down your Facebook feed you’re guaranteed to come across some article or post that captures your interests and attention. Oh wait, ever post captures your interest and attention. In the video Pariser quotes Mark Zukerberg saying, “A squirrel dying in front of your house may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa.” In order to better explain this quote, and the point made in the TED talk I will personalize (ha ha) it for you. By now we all know that Facebook is personalizing everything down to which of our friends posts we see. So let say this past summer your friend was about to give birth to her first child all while the Ebola epidemic was in full swing and your grandmother is freaking out about it, while you could CARE LESS! Your more likely going to be seeing a post with pictures of the cute new born as opposed to a link to a news article about Ebola. This is something that really gets under my skin. The world population is only growing more and more self centered, and I feel like the internet was a way for us to connect with others, not only like us, but different. The internet was created for exploration of the unknown, but with this “filter bubble” that has been created around us we need to find a way to pop it. So next time you go onto your favorite website, whether it be a news site or social media, click on something that you’ve never clicked on before and begin the popping.

Pecha Kucha: The Reflection

A Walk Through A Slide

I am going to walk you through the first of my five slides that I completed for the twenty-slide Pecha Kucha. For those of you who have never heard of a Pecha Kucha presentation click here for more information. Since our blog was founded on the idea of fashion and beauty on the Internet my group decided to feature a very popular and growing group on the Internet, beauty gurus. I personally have a very strong connection with this topic because I run a beauty channel on YouTube in my free time.


Above is the image used on the first on my five slides. It features some prominent Beauty Gurus, and my personal favorites. Of course there are many more famous beauty gurus out there, some I haven’t even seen yet, so it would be hard to fit them all on one slide. I decided I wanted to start my segment out with describing who beauty vloggers were. Instead of letting the viewer sit there and try to imagine what this mythical beauty guru looked like I just showed you their picture. I was specifically looking for images of them with their camera in the shot. You can see them wearing pajama pants (because the camera doesn’t capture the lower half), or you see them sitting on their bed. It brings reliability for the viewer to these beauty vloggers. Many times the words “blogger” and “vlogger” get used in the same context when really they mean two different things. My originally narrative included a short synopsis of what they both were and how they were different. As it turns out twenty-second narratives per slide goes by really fast, and I had to leave that part out. Next time I might take out one of my other slides and replace it with the definitions of vlogger and blogger.

In this slide I also chose to quote the article Becoming Screen Literate, “Because of new consumer gadgets, community training, peer encouragement and fiendishly clever software, the ease of making video now approaches the ease of writing.” I chose this quote, firstly because I agree with it one hundred percent and it related to our topic quite well, and secondly because this is what the YouTube community as a whole embodies. These people get together, share their equipment recommendations, and learn together as a giant group. This makes video production simple, and fun. It’s because of this simplicity and enjoyment that today people are turning to this medium for expression rather than a writing medium.

What I learned about my blog topic

As stated early one of my passions is beauty and fashion, and I have tried to include myself in this growing age of beauty on the Internet. Bolter talks about writing spaces and how they have changed and evolved over time. Things like stone tablet we no longer use and see as ancient. Well without that stone tablet and the technological advancements since then we would not have the Internet and everything that comes with it. We can simplify the ideas of Bolter to just a laptop. It started with code, which only few people could comprehend and use sufficiently. Then we go to word processing and using a keyboard to type. People may how still found this tricky, but began grasping the concept easier. Bring on the Internet with it’s websites, search engines, social media outlets, and blogs. Everything boomed at once and things got less technical, and soon the Internet became THE writing space. Anyone who has a computer, laptop, tablet (not stone), smartphone, and some patience can take advantage of this writing space. I think that by learning and understanding this I was able to also understand why YouTube is so huge, and beauty blogs are so popular. Anyone can do it.


By working with my group I got to experience others interests. Although our blog is called “FashionForwardStudent” doesn’t’ mean we all are into fashion. Like I said I was all about the beauty, and specifically beauty vlogging. My group members had a wide array of interests, anything from nail polish to smart spending, that I have never even considered before. I liked that from this we were all able to enjoy each other’s blog posts, and compliment each other’s interests to make a well-rounded blog.

Twitter: The One Sided Conversation

I recently posted a blog relating to the article Atwood in the Twittersphere, and I took a quote that stated, “What should I know of Twitter? I’d barely even heard of it. I thought it was for kiddies.” Although in that blog post I related my grandmothers use of the Internet and technology, and related it to that of Atwood, I can just as easily relate it to myself. When twitter first began getting popular I immediately signed up to see what it was all about. At this point Facebook was in its glory days and I loved it so much I thought Twitter would be no different. Well, actually, it turned out to be nothing like Facebook and it confused me. I eventually gave up trying to understand what a #hashtag was, and how to find people to follow. I retreated back to my Facebook comfort zone.


Another thing I completely relate to from the quote above is that twitter is for “kiddies”. I find that generations who are younger than me seem to use twitter more than any other generation. I feel like twitter to them is Facebook to me. I only noticed this when observing my boyfriends little sister, whose phone goes off every minute announcing that One Direction and other multiple boy bands have tweeted.

Before this intro to writing class I only used twitter to advertise my YouTube videos, and even then who could see it? I seemed to be following every major celebrity and their mother on twitter, but no one followed me. This just shows how inexperienced I am at twitter. If I tweeted my videos people could only see what I was saying if I tweeted at them directly or used a hashtag, but even then my posts got buried. However, like anything if you want to see progress and an outcome you have to work at it; like any relationship. Twitter is a giant relationship hub.


For our assignment we were asked to not only grab the attention of a professional in our field of interest, but also try to have a full on conversation with them. After some thought I decided to grab the attention of any well-known, or popular beauty YouTuber. Since these were the people I was trying to advertise myself to before I decided to try it again with a more “twitter savvy” approach.

Here are my attempts:

The closest I got to a response was a Twitter Q&A video, from ciaoobelllaxo, that she posted on YouTube. My heart sank to my toes in hopes that she would shoutout my twitter handle in her video, and I would be the best example for this assignment EVER.


But that didn’t happen.


I guess my question was either not interesting enough for her video, or it was asked too many times and was already answered in one of her previous Q&A’s. Next time if I ever decided to connect with a professional in a certain field of interest I will try to stick to a few people instead of ten. I think if someone sees your name pop up in their feed a few times they will begin to take you seriously.

Lesson learned: Twitter takes consistency and dedication.

Dogs… Why Did They Become “The Seasons Hottest Trend”?

Okay so I am diverging a bit from the typical technology relate to beauty and fashion posts but this is something that has been bothering me since … Forever and I want to get it out there before I take my pent up anger out on some poor unsuspecting civilian walking the streets of New York.

It sickens me that the trend of “designer dogs” is growing. 10 years ago, you had the labadoodle. Sure, they are cute, but what about the health risks involved??
Here are a few facts for you about “Designer Dogs” :
  • Designer dogs can cost way more than a pure breed dog.
  • A lot of puppy stores are “designer puppy” stores.
    • a side note on puppy stores, they are a blatant form of animal abuse and while most are outraged, a lot of people are ignorant to the matter.

Shelters and rescue groups do their best to aid in assisting these animals, but it’s a vicious circle. The designer dogs who are perfect and healthy get sold and the “rejects” are the ones sent to high kill shelters where rescue groups go to try and save them.

Arañya is a Jack Russel and Pug (Jug), designer dog rescued by Joan Marie and Art a West Orange, New Jersey couple who loves all animals and were already the “parents” to two rescue dogs, Mya and Katie Frank, a Sheltie named Raine, an African Grey Parrot, and a turtle named Alice.

To the couple’s knowledge she has only one sister, Peppermint, (Arañya was originally named Candy Cane), and the shelter was trying to have the pair adopted together. However, Arañya has an eye problem, Joan and Art were originally told that Arañya had weeping eye, but it was really the beginning of dry eye in both of her eyes, meaning her tear ducts don’t produce tears causing her to be squinting, as seen in the images below.


Arañya was essentially blind at this point in her life


Whoever would have adopted her was going to have to put A LOT of time (and money) into her health and well being. What eventually happened was that Peppermint was adopted and Arañya went between families and the shelter. She had spent her whole life in a crate because the families found her to be too much to handle and a cone around her neck because she would scratch at her eyes. At least before she was adopted by Joan and Art. The housing situation for her had only meant to be temporary, but the more the couple had and interacted with her, the more they wanted to keep her.

Arañya was getting three different types of drops, two of which are prescription) in her eyes three times a day and “[she is taking] two prescription drugs. One of which is an Immune depressant, that’s what dry eye is all about, the confused immune system.” Joan Marie informed me when I questioned about the medication that Arañya takes. Joan Marie also informed me that the medication for Arañya is also expensive.



According to Joan Marie there is a nasal procedure that Arañya could undergo that would help moisten her eyes, but it rarely helps. Arañya however did undergo a surgery in which they removed some of her lower eyelid. She had stitches in her eyes and they took a long time to heal. Joan Marie commented and said she was lucky that Arañya didn’t get an infection.

Arañya, as mentioned above is a part Jack Russel, part Pug. Her new name, which is Spanish for “spider” was given to her because of her long, spidery legs. The family changed it when they found that the pup was getting herself into mischief because of how her long legs are and how they would allow her to feel out counters and whatnot in order to get human food or treats that would be on counters, out of reach of a normal leg length dog.


Laying down Arañya looks like a normal dog. According to the family Perry Como is a common nickname when wearing this sweater.


Arañya poses as “SuperDog” and shows off her long legs

Yes, Arañya was bred to be a designer dog. But just like Becker said, health risks may be intensified, which is what happened to Arañya. However, Arañya is with a family who is more than willing to put the time into taking care of her, and look at how happy she is. Yes, she has a defect, but she is still a perfect dog.

According to

While the term “designer dog” is fairly new, there is nothing new about them. Although many people who were new to the dog world saw the pairings of different breeds as a 20th century fad that was worth noting, avid breeders had been crossing purebreds for centuries. The difference was that earlier hybrids were intended for work purposes – to make better hunting or shepherding dogs, in many cases.

I have nothing against mixed breed dogs. My own dog is a poodle/bischon mix. But she’s a mutt. And that’s all these “designer dogs” are- mutts. And if you shell out thousands of dollars to have a dog bred for you because you want to have a toy something or another, well there’s a special place in hell for people like you. Because here’s what’s going to happen, you’ll get the dog and be happy for a little while… That is until the dog starts to have medical complications and you don’t care anymore.

“Crossing two different breeds does not necessarily diminish the risk of health problems, either. In fact, crossbreeding can introduce health problems into the mix, or intensify problems such as hip dysplasia or eye disease that two breeds might share.” Marty Becker reveals in the article “Should You Get A Designer Dog?”

Now this isn’t saying that it’s always the case, that the dog will have medical complications or that you’ll end up abandoning it when you don’t want to deal with it anymore but the sad truth is that it happens. And what’s even sadder is that the dogs can’t speak up for themselves and just like anything else, if it’s damaged most people people will overlook it and go for the shiny, pretty, nearly perfect version.

Dogs are people, not some fashion accessory. So next time you see an add for a “designer dog”, actually do research on it and see what the possible risks of having one is. The sad thing is that breeders aren’t going to stop breeding these “designers,” because there is a high demand for them. But if you want to help make a change, don’t get a “designer dog,” the minute you see the ad. Go to a local animal shelter and adopt one. Chances are, it may just be the best decision of your life.

**All photos used in this post are copyrighted to Joan Marie Domino and are being used with the owner’s consent.**